About us

The Orivesi 4H-association organizes club, course, and camp activities, events for children and young people, and trains young people for various work service tasks. In addition, young people aged 13-28 can start their own 4H-company and employ themselves. 

Club activities are versatile and the aim is to develop them in accordance with the wishes and needs of the children and young people. All young people and adults over the age of 15 are welcome to become club instructors. Club guides are trained and paid compensation by the association.

The association promotes the employment of young people by offering and passing on jobs to young people. Through the association, it is possible to get a job, e.g. as a club instructor.

In 4H-clubs, children and young people grow towards responsible and enterprising adulthoods. In activities that take into account the developmental stages of children and young people, you learn by doing. 4H-activities are aimed at all children and young people between the ages of 6 and 28.

4H is a nonprofit, politically and religiously non-committal organisation.